Every Narrowboat Needs Windows || Watch How It’s Done || New Build Update Ep160

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New Build Narrowboat Update – See how Caldwells make Narrowboat Windows, including, Single Glaze, Double Glaze Thermo-break and Bonded Narrowboat Windows. We visit the team at Caldwells and see the amazing skills that go into making windows for narrowboats.
Paul & Anthony together with Dexter live full time but manage to work part-time, on a 57′ Narrowboat, cruising the UK Canals and finding out what it’s really like to be Living on a boat exploring the Nature and scenery on some of the best canals and rivers in the UK onboard a Bickerstaffe Narrowboat called Morning Star. New for 2023 we are having a brand new narrowboat from Oakums Narrowboats and are taking advantage of lithium, solar, and electric propulsion the boat will be coal and gas free.

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According to channel 5 we are a Yorkshire couple living on a Narrowboat. We are happy to be adopted by Yorkshire as we love it there. Can we work part time and live full time from a Narrowboat? Why not follow our journey.

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Paul & Anthony

Paul and Anthony decided to quit the norm and move onto a narrowboat with their dog Dexter. They now live full-time on Narrowboat Morning Star, filming their adventures to share with people around the world.

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