Our Story

How did we end up on a narrowboat?

Seeking some adventure in life we didn't want to be working five days a week to pay our mortgage and hardly spend any time together. Living on a Narrowboat became our new mission in life, we talked about the pros and cons, could we give up our lovely house and actually move onto a Narrowboat?

We finally moved onto our Narrowboat in October 2020 and immediately fell in love with the lifestyle. We made lots of new friends who were boaters too. We soon gained lots of viewers and I sold lots of art. We still work part time but love cruising the Beautiful canals of this country and sharing our adventures with our viewers. My art has really taken off, our dog Dexter seems to love his new lifestyle too, walks oh his doorstep, different scenery every week and he loves to curl up in front of the fire after a day of cruising or exploring the local areas. We love the peace, the tranquility, the nature and the scenery.

Why don’t you follow us on our journey, we would love you to join us.

Meet Dexter!

Dexter has been such a big part of our lives for 15 years.

Our Labradoodle Dexter changed our lives the day we got him. He has traveled with us on our adventures around most of the UK and been with us whenever we hired a Narrowboat . We have been very lucky to have visited so many amazing places around the world, but honestly our favourite holidays have been in this country with Dexter.

Dexter is such a character, loves being outdoors, but also loves to curl up with us on the sofa by the fire. He seems to love his new lifestyle as much as us and we are so happy when people recognise him from our channel. He is such a loveable dog and we couldn’t imagine our life without him

Why we love living on a Narrowboat.

Living on a Narrowboat allows us to explore the beautiful British canals but something we didn’t think of and that’s been such a massive bonus is the amount of people we meet on our travels, viewers, boaters, walkers, fellow vloggers and we have made life long friends on our travels. Waking up every day to different views, the tranquility of living on water is such a massive benefit to our well being.

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